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The last 3 years I have been chief architect and developer of an advanced weather radar network for the baltic sea region called baltrad ( Finally we have released 1.0 of the baltrad software and it seems like we managed … Continue reading

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LPC2478 Hello World

It is time to setup the basic development environment so that it is possible to compile a simple hello world program. The Olimex LPC2478 stk comes with a cdrom containing most of the necessary software but if you feel like experimenting you can always … Continue reading

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Getting started with Olimex LPC2478

Have you ever wanted to develop your first embedded application but always felt that the initial work assembling a complete development board would take too long time or just felt that it isn’t your cup of tea. Then you maybe … Continue reading

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Finally I have had the time to setup the site for my company. In the future various technical related posts will be posted here but now the standard sell pitch. With a solid track record in software development I can … Continue reading

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